Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday shopping on a budget!

Because I've spent most my life working in the retail world and giving into my addiction of buying things I can't afford. I've figured out some tricks of the trade to shopping on a budget, I hope it helps.

#1 Make a list and stick to it: Weather it's grocery shopping or going to the mall if you make yourself a list and stick to it. You won't come home with that stuff they stick on the ends of the aisle and at the front of the store.

#2 No over clearance shopping: Stop buying stuff just because it was a "good deal". That's how you always end up with those items that don't match anything you own, so you never wear it, or worse nothing ever fits you right because you bought a large when your a medium because "it was $9.99 and the mediums were gone". Think if you held onto the money you would spend on that stuff and then bought the jacket that looks great on you, but is more then you wanted to spend. Think of the three sixty your wardrobe would take in no time.

#3 Can you afford to save any more money?: Stop thinking of what you saved and start thinking of what you spent.

#4 Buddy up with BOGO sales: The best way to beat the system with buy one get one sales is to grab a buddy, say it's buy one pair of jeans full price get on free, go with your friend and do one transaction, split the cost, after all is said and done you both got 50% off!

#5 Read the fine print: If it seems to good to be true it probably is. Always read the fine print of every deal and coupon, it will save you time and heartache when there's no surprises.

#6 Buy things that are worth it: Do the math Buy the item once at $60 and have a good product that works well and looks good, or buy the $39.99 thing over and over because it keeps wearing down plus you hate the color. Some things are worth the doe, coats, car seats, flat irons, coloring your hair, mattresses, computers..... you get the jist. 

*Remember stores are desperate, they'll do anything to get you in their doors and get you spending that hard earned money of yours. This is fine just be smart about it and use deals and sales to your advantage. 


Brittany & Dallin said...

Great advice Alicia! Shopping on a budget is definitely important, and these are great tips to make sure you are letting your hard earned money work for you!

Amanda said...

Nice blog! Those are great tips for everyone!

Oonique said...

Thank you Amanda. I actually have a new blog w/ more fashion and more helpful tips. It's @ ooniquestyle.blogspot.com